We leverage technology to address the most pressing issues facing San José

Why we're here

Building a safe, inclusive, user-friendly, sustainable San José 

The Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI) is building towards the city of the future here in San José.  We leverage technology to address pressing issues facing our city to improve our residents’ livelihoods, opportunities, and city experience with an emphasis on inclusion, equity, and antifragility. 


With Mayor Sam Liccardo’s vision for San José, MOTI has been a leader in bringing inclusion to technology since 2016.  MOTI has pioneered innovative public-private partnership models to bridge the digital divide, to deploy 5G small cell networks equitably across the city, and to pilot emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles.  

Our objective is to build a safe, inclusive, user-friendly, sustainable city.  Our mantra is to always view our work and impact through the lens of our residents.  We welcome you to engage with our team and to learn more about what we do. 



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Clay Garner
Chief Innovation Officer,
Director of MOTI
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Sophia Lugo
Technology & Innovation Policy Advisor
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Stephen Caines
Deputy Chief Innovation Officer
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Christine Keung
Senior Tech Policy Advisor, Harvard Business School Leadership Fellow  
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Jordan Sun
Senior Advisor